Welcome To Simplex Technologies

 I started my first company with one idea in mind; ‘PCs Made Simple’. That single idea was to take the complexity out of technology, and leave the high-tech babble to the professionals; just explain it in layman’s terms, so we could all understand.

Desktop Support

In today’s fast-paced business, effective Information Technology works through desktop support. In fact, the smooth working of various departments of a business largely depends on the smooth working of IT equipment.

Network Security

At Simplex Technologies, it’s not enough to simply complete a custom software development project. Our goal is successful system implementation.

Server Maintenance

Maintaining server integrity is critical to managing daily operations and supporting future growth. We provide a selection of services available to keep servers operating at peak efficiency.

Data backup

Each data center complies with the strictest security standards and conforms to industry best practices for power redundancy, cooling and protection symptoms.


About Us

I started my first company with one idea in mind; ‘PCs Made Simple’. That single idea was to take the complexity out of technology, and leave the high-tech babble to the professionals; just explain it in layman’s terms so we could all understand. Well here we are 10 years later, and somewhere along the way, we became the professionals. But through that growth, we have never lost sight of who we were and where we wanted to go. That one single idea still drives us every day. Our job, and our mission is to make the IT world attainable and understandable to everyone.


  • Scale faster and more efficiently with customized technology solutions designed specifically for your business
  • The right tools can help you organize ideas, enable employees and dramatically boost productivity and accountability
  • Secure what you’ve worked so hard to build, and ensure immediate recovery from an unexpected data disaster


    • For many years we relied on Geeks on Wheels for our tech support. Unfortunately, they were never available when needed, and often would fix the problem at hand, but would cause other problems due to not properly troubleshooting what they had fixed. An affiliate recommended Simply Computers, and we could not be happier. We have used them several times, and they are so nice, professional, efficient, and timely. We highly recommend!

      -Denise Hanft Controller CLC Foundation, Inc.

    • We have had a very good experience with Simplex Technologies. I receive prompt return calls and am quite happy with their service and expertise.

      – Peter Hook, SEO of example.com

    • The Calgi Company has employed the services of Simply Computers, LLC since 2011. We have found after dealing with many other IT companies over the years that Simply Computers has an excellent understanding of small business needs as well as small business budgets. From our internal networking needs to our industry specific software and satellite field offices, Simply Computers has provided excellent services. Their staff is highly professional, honest and very easy to work with. Simply said, I would highly recommend Simply Computers to anyone with IT needs.

      -Dominic Calgi, President, Calgi Construction Company, Inc

    • I have been using Brian for all of my computer issues for over 10 years and can say with certainty that he is the most reliable and professional IT person there is. Whenever there is a problem, Brian is a phone call away and I can be assured any problem I am having will be fixed ASAP. I wouldn’t trust my IT to any other person. Thanks Brian!

      -Stephen A. Cerrato, Esq. McGOEY & CERRATO, P.C. Senior Counsel, Case Funding, Inc.

    • As a small business owner I value customer service more than anything else. Simply computers has provided excellent service that keeps my computer systems up to date and running smoothly. They were able to work out a monthly plan for my business that met all my needs at a rate that was very competitive and within my budget. Fast response time, quality equipment and professionalism in the workplace are just a few terms that come to mind when describing the service they provide. I would recommend this company to any business owner in need of computer services.

      -Jeff Rose, Business director/Owner Velocity Sports Performance

    • Simplex Technologies is a fantastic company to work with. Brian and Michael are very client-oriented. They are creative, thorough and detailed with their work. And they are good listeners, always trying to achieve exactly what we were looking for whether it was while creating our field hockey website or designing banners.

      -Steffi Green, New Castle Field Hockey

    • Michael is the ideal computer consultant--extremely knowledgeable, persevering, with a light touch. He knows that he can fix the damn thing--and he does! My wife and I are invariably grateful for his help.

      -Roger Lipsey, Wild Rice Projects

    • I have relied on Brian for the past 5 years to help me troubleshoot a wide array of home computer technical problems. He has never let me down with his quick response, knowledge, and patience! He is 100% reliable and very professional.

      -M. Holderman

    • It is a pleasure to highly recommend Brian Drew, Mike Kuennen & Simplex Technologies, Inc. to any business needing great technology advice & service. Brian & Mike have never steered me in the wrong direction, whether in what to buy, sell or fix in a computer system. And they continue to help me with any problems that occur quickly & easily & usually without even needing an in-person visit. Thanks guys.

      -Carole Katz, R-LCSW, BCD, CGP, PMP, SEP

    • Brian is truly a reliable guy whenever we have any computer issues. And he is always trying to find a way for us to minimize the expenses!

      -Reiko Kratzer, Law Firm of Seham, Seham, Meltz, & Peterson