About Simplex

I started my first company, with one idea in mind; ‘PCs Made Simple’. That single idea was to take the complexity out of technology, and leave the high-tech gibberish to the professionals; just explain it in layman’s terms so that we could all understand. Well here we are more than ten years later, and somewhere along the way, we became the professionals. But through that growth, we have never lost sight of who we were and where we wanted to go. That one single idea still drives us every single day. Our job and our mission are to make the IT world attainable and understandable to everyone.


Originally, it was just me, running around after work, helping people fix their computers; sometimes into the wee hours of the night. And then one client became two, then five, then ten, and then more and more. Until one day I realized I needed to hire a staff. And then we started adding services because that’s what the market demanded. No longer were we just a computer company. We suddenly found ourselves knee-deep in the world of technology.


I thought we could be more. We didn’t have to be just another computer repair company, but a full service IT and Design Technology Company. I knew just what I had to do. I looked around and found the right people I wanted to join me in this venture. I approached a few of my longtime colleagues with this crazy idea of joining and forming a new business strategy.


Today we are proud to call ourselves Simplex Technologies, Inc. Our never ending commitment to improvement is your gateway to superior products and better service.


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