Women’s Initiative

Simplex Technologies strives to be the very best place for women who want a career in professional services and considers attracting and retaining top female talent key to its advantage. The Women’s Initiative helps to recruit the best available female talent for the firm and retain and advance current Simplex Technologies women through effective management of their careers.



Why do you believe women are such an important asset to Simplex Technologies?

Women are an important part of our communities, our client companies, and the world as a whole. And quite importantly, as consumers they have disproportionate spending impact in many markets. It is critical for Simplex Technologies to have a representative number of women in our work force so we can provide that diversity of perspective and background as we solve problems and initiate change for our clients

What leadership opportunities are available at Simplex Technologies?

Positions at the office, regional, and corporate levels, as well as a number of extracurricular roles outside of the traditional client work. They offer a rewarding and exciting part of the Simplex Technologies experience. In Simplex Technologies, there are always leadership opportunities available to those who possess the talent and desire to take them on. And as a corporate leader in this industry, we highly encourage women to apply and strive for these roles.